More than 30 years of freelancing for some of Australia’s most respected magazines and newspapers, including six years at The Age and two years at The Australian, has given Ian Kenins the skills to tackle almost any photographic assignment.
Portraits of sports stars, war veterans, priests and punks to photo essays on small town survival, old retailers, factory life and country newspapers are among the hundreds of commissions that have been published in magazines such as Australian Geographic, Outback, Inside Sport, Good Weekend, The Monthly and travel and industry magazines. Over 200 of those photos have been acquired by the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria.
Two of Ian’s photo essays became books. The first, Open For Business, featured portraits and profiles on 50 of Melbourne’s enduring small retailers. The second book, Beyond the Big Sticks, captured the colour and characters of country football. The third book, A Snapshot of Melbourne, is the result of 25 years of Ian’s addiction to street photography.
Ian has also published photographic books, the most recent title being Behind the Wheel; photographs from the Australian road, with contributions from dozens of this country’s best photographers.
And, for the past 20 years, Ian has written the feature stories to accompany his photos. He became senior writer at the Geelong Times magazine, then editor, and supported four environment groups as a media officer, advising on strategy, press releases and website copywriting.
Telling stories with words and photos is what Ian loves doing, so if you’d like to discuss how he can help breathe life into your idea, or create an image to impress, call or email Ian now . . .

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